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Funeral Matters was formed on the research conducted by Knowledge Based Funerals, LLC.

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Two funeral service leaders have teamed up to provide consumers and funeral directors with an understandable solution to funeral pricing. Knowledge Based Funerals, LLC (KBF, LLC) is an initiative that has developed and holds the rights to a portfolio of training, products and services designed to make funeral directors more responsive to the requests of today’s consumers, while at the same time, giving those consumers access to information and pricing needed to make informed funeral related decisions.

The research conducted by KBF, LLC has revealed consumer concerns surrounding funeral planning and price transparency and has become the foundation on which Funeral Matters was formed.

KBF, LLC is owned by Thanexus, Inc., a funeral home management cooperative, and New Jersey Funeral Directors Services, Inc., a subsidiary of the nationally recognized not-for-profit New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association.

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Our subscribers are progressive, proactive funeral home owners who want to better know their consumers, numbers, and become better providers for the communities they serve.

Designed for funeral firms that desire to reposition themselves with today’s consumer, Funeral Matters improves the knowledge and communication skills of funeral home staff. Through structured training and support, this new method strengthens funeral home core offerings through the unbundling of the most common selections replacing them with a written and digital presentation that is responsive to modern selection patterns.

In an effort to improve understanding of how consumer selections affect business, Funeral Matters supports funeral home management with an automated metrics reporting system that provides individual and comparative funeral home performance information.

Funeral Matters is available under license on a fee basis by subscription to eligible funeral homes.