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How Prefunding a Funeral Can Help You Qualify for Medicaid

A family member or friend is seeking to qualify for Medicaid and must spend down their assets to

Can I Have a Visitation If I Choose Cremation?

The simple answer is yes. Cremation, like burial, is a form of disposition that can occur after all

Traditional Funeral Home Pricing vs. Funeral Matters Pricing

Visiting a funeral home is not the only way to find out how much a funeral costs. Today, an online

What to Expect from the Funeral Matters Arrangement Builder

Funeral Matters professionals, select licensed funeral directors with years of experience meeting

Understanding Casket Options

Caskets serve not only as a resting place but also a receptacle to respectfully transport a body

How to Create a Grief Care Package During the Pandemic

The pandemic has turned our world upside down. With social distancing being one of the best ways to

What You Need to Know Before Writing a Eulogy

You’ve been asked to give a eulogy for a friend, a family member – perhaps even your mother or

Find Out If You Qualify for Veterans Burial Benefits

Did you or a family member serve in the U.S. military?Those who have served honorably in the U.S.

How to Memorialize the Dead in the Time of COVID-19

 With social distancing regulations and other restrictions placed on public gatherings, the COVID-19

How to Recognize Signs That Someone Is Contemplating Suicide

 The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shelter-in-place orders that have been instituted in many
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