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Cell Phone Etiquette at Funerals

Funerals serve as a time to gather and recall the deceased’s life. However, there are many factors

Organizations to Notify after a Death

When a family member dies, it may seem like the list of things that must be taken care of is

Answers to Your Funeral-Related Questions

You may have been to a funeral in the past and wondered about that person in the dark suit who seems

Important Funeral Terms to Know

When planning a funeral, you want to make sure you understand everything you are committing to and

How to Prepare Your Family for Your Death

There is never a way to fully prepare your family for your death, but there are steps you can take

Dos and Don'ts of Dividing Possessions

When a family member dies, figuring out what to do with their possessions can be stressful.If a

Everything You Need to Know About Body Donation

Every day, organ and tissue donation gives the gift of life, sight and health. According to

5 Scams to Avoid After a Death

 When a relative or someone close to you dies, the stress of dealing with the loss, the funeral

What to Write in a Sympathy Card

 After hearing the news of someone’s death, many of us want to reach out with condolences, but we

Why You Should Consider Preplanning Your Funeral

 Death, for many people, is an uncomfortable subject, especially if we’re talking about our own or
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