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What to Expect from the Funeral Matters Arrangement Builder


Funeral Matters professionals, select licensed funeral directors with years of experience meeting the needs of families during a highly emotional time, recognize the general sense of frustration associated with seeking out and understanding funeral options and prices.


That is why they offer families the ability to review their funeral home offerings, and the exact prices for those offerings, on a build-and-price tool.


This builder is a free, online platform that asks easy funeral service and disposition questions so families can learn and understand what options are available to them before contacting the funeral home.


How to Build a Funeral with Real Pricing and No Hidden Costs

First, you are given the opportunity to view average funeral prices (the average charges of Funeral Matters providers) or obtain charges from a specific Funeral Matters’ funeral home. If you choose to view prices from a funeral home near you, the builder will prompt you to enter your ZIP code and select a funeral home.


Next, the builder will ask if a death has occurred or if you are planning a future funeral. Making either selection will not change the subsequent questions asked.


Burial or Cremation

Whether you are interested in burial/entombment or cremation is the next question the builder will prompt you to answer. Burial options include ground burial at a cemetery, above-ground burial (entombment in a mausoleum) or even a natural burial in a green or eco-friendly manner. With cremation, you may decide to retain the ashes in one place, divide them among family or friends, scatter them in a location of particular significance, bury them in the ground, place them in a crypt or scatter them at sea.


You can select burial/entombment and then go back and build another funeral using cremation if you prefer. You are never “locked in” to the selections you make as you move through the builder. You can go back at any time or build as many versions as you desire.


Gatherings and Memorialization

Despite the disposition option you select, the remaining questions will focus on how you wish to memorialize the deceasedYou will be prompted with questions about whether you would like to gather with family and friends and have a funeral or memorial service, and you will be asked about the location(s) you prefer for these events.


Finally, if you choose to gather or select to have a service, the builder will ask if you want to have the decedent’s body present. The entire process averages 15 minutes, depending on how much time you wish to spend familiarizing yourself with the options presented to you.


Connect with a Funeral Home

Building a funeral can be done anonymously and at your convenience from any device. No account needs to be created if you wish to print, save or share your selections with family and friends via email.


An opportunity will be provided to review your experience with your chosen funeral director at an appropriate time following the submission of completed arrangements.


Only if you schedule an appointment with a Funeral Matters funeral home will they review your selections, verify your thoughts, acknowledge any inconsistencies and provide you with a printed price quotation.