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How to Create a Grief Care Package During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has turned our world upside down. With social distancing being one of the best ways to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, people are asking: how can you comfort someone who is grieving if you cannot be with them? One way to help make life a little easier for someone grieving is to create a grief care package.


A grief care package contains a mix of different items someone may need in the days, weeks or even months following a loss. Almost anything can go into a care package, but we have included a list of helpful examples below.



For the grieving, food shopping and cooking may seem like an insurmountable task. For this reason, sending food to those grieving is a long-held tradition. One thing the pandemic has brought to light is the many grocery delivery services that are available. Consider sending an Instacart gift card or one of the other companies that can deliver grocery store items to ease the burden of going out and shopping. Another option is to gift a ready-made or pre-cooked meal from an online food service that can simplify mealtime preparation.


Comforting Gifts

In the early days following a loss, it isn’t uncommon for the grieving to find it hard to get out of bed or up off the sofa. Consider adding a cozy blanket to the grief care package. A weighted blanket is a type of at-home therapy that can mimic a hug to offer comfort from afar.


Candles, journals, pajamas, bath bombs and lip balm are also comforting gifts to consider placing in a grief care package.


Practical Gifts

Though hiring a cleaning service may not be possible right now due to limits on indoor contact, gifting a landscaping service to complete yard work or a handyman to clean the gutters could go a long way to lighten someone’s chore load.


Keeping up with holiday traditions may help someone remember and honor the person they are grieving. With the holidays around the corner, consider gifting a professional outdoor home holiday decorating service. This type of gift may not be for everyone, so unless you know it will be appreciated, you might want to consult with friends and family first.


Toiletries and Household Items

Toiletries and everyday items such as paper towels, tissues and dishwasher detergent may seem like odd choices to place in a gift basket but these types of practical items can be extremely valuable, especially if the grieving person is elderly and has a hard time leaving their home. Remember, one reason to create a grief care package is to provide someone with items they will need in the coming days and weeks after a loss.


Traditional Gifts

Flowers, candy, books and sympathy cards are traditional gifts that signal you care. Take into consideration the person to whom you are sending the grief care package. They may not be a chocoholic, so a popcorn tin may be a better choice over a box of Russell Stover. 


Still stumped on what to include in a grief care package?


Leave it to the experts and consider customizing and purchasing one from an online sympathy gift store. These online services typically offer a range of gift choices that can be personalized to support many different stages of loss.