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What is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation is a term used to describe a cremation that takes place absent any funeral service, memorial or celebration of life. 

It is typically the least expensive form of disposition.

Offered by all funeral homes, the direct cremation package typically includes:

·       transferring the body to the funeral home

·       filing the death certificate

·       obtaining a cremation permit

·       a minimum alternative container (a rigid box that encases the deceased)

·       arranging for the cremation (generally occurs between 24–48 hours)

·       transportation to the crematory

·       returning the ashes in a simple container

 There is no viewing or gathering, funeral service or embalming.

 Following the cremation, you can choose to scatter, bury or keep the ashes in your home or in any other location of importance.

 Memorialization Beyond Direct Cremation

While a direct cremation package handles the disposition of the dead, there are certainly many more options available to you after the cremation has taken place.

 A memorial service is an option that is available any time following the cremation and can be in any location of your choosing. From formal services to casual “get-togethers,” you may wish to gather at a funeral home, church, restaurant or park. Any space you can personalize to honor the dead can be an ideal location to hold a memorial service. Many people choose to have photographs, videos or even the ashes present during the service.

 If you wish to gather and honor the life of a loved one after cremation, talk to your funeral director about a cremation with a memorial service.

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